A place you never want to be is under 80,000 pounds of steel, lumber or concrete. Many semitruck accidents in Knoxville result from rollovers, trapping or crushing nearby motorists and their loved ones often with permanent, disabling crush injuries, scarring, burns or even death.

Who Is Responsible In Rollover Tractor-Trailer Accidents?

Is the truck driver always at fault in such rollover accidents? Liability is often assigned to a combination of defendants, including the truck driver, the company that hired the truck driver, the trucker's insurance company, the truck manufacturers and the maker of certain truck parts that are deemed as contributing factors to the accident.

Consequently, if you or a loved one is injured in a rollover semitruck accident in Knoxville, you may be legally entitled to compensation for injuries incurred in the accident. The Sexton Law Firm — with over 25 years' experience — can help.

Assigning Liability In Truck Accidents

Here are four examples of Tennessee roadway incidents in which liability for the accident may not be assigned solely to the truck driver:

  1. The unsafe driving of another vehicle caused the truck rollover accident.
  2. A mechanical failure of the truck caused the driver to lose control. The trucker, an employee, may not be held directly responsible for the truck company's inadequate maintenance.
  3. On a residential street, a sink hole, which formed as the truck rolled over it, puts the municipality at fault rather than the trucker in a rollover accident injury.
  4. A trucker was rendered unconscious when a rock, thrown from a freeway overpass, crashed through the truck cab. The fault of the resulting rollover accident might not be attributed to the trucker, as it is not considered unreasonable to lose control of the truck when the driver is rendered unconscious.

Avoiding Rollover Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Many Knoxville 18-wheeler accidents involve the truck rolling over. The consequences of a car being involved in such a rollover accident are often deadly. To protect yourself from becoming a statistic in an 18-wheeler accident in Knoxville or Memphis, heed these tips to motorists.

  • Do not tailgate a truck

    If the truck loses control, it often fishtails before it rolls over. A car following too closely is likely to find itself unexpectedly beside the truck, which then rolls over onto the car.

  • Do not drive alongside a truck

    On a multilane road, your car may often, and unavoidably, find itself directly beside a truck. If so, slow down or speed up so that you do not remain next to the truck longer than necessary. In a tractor-trailer rollover in Knoxville, alongside the truck is the most dangerous place for you to be.

  • Be extra-cautious on corners

    Whether driving alongside a truck or passing it from the opposite direction, be alert to rollover danger on corners or sharper bends in the road. Many Knoxville semitruck accident rollovers happen when the trucker is using excessive speed in a turn. Be ready to take avoidance measures.

  • Give extra space on wet or icy roads

    A truck is more likely to lose control of its rig on wet or icy roads than on dry roads. When weather makes driving more dangerous, give extra room between your vehicle and trucks.

Get Legal Help With Truck Accidents In Knoxville

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