In an effort to reduce semitruck accidents in Tennessee, the law requires truckers to keep a logbook. To a semitruck accident attorney in Tennessee, the trucker's log becomes a critical piece of evidence in a Tennessee semitruck accident.

The driver log serves several functions:

  • Documents pretrip inspections of the trucker's rig, which should include a detailed check of the tractor-trailer's parts and its systems
  • Validates driver's performance of vehicle maintenance
  • Documents the satisfactory repair of defects and deficiencies listed in a previous report
  • Establishes a detailed routine/checklist of all relevant inspection points
  • Serves as evidence in a semitruck accident in Tennessee

The Driver Log Routine

To confirm that the truck is in safe operating condition, the driver must start each pretrip inspection by reviewing the previous vehicle inspection logs. If anything is marked for repair, the trucker double-checks to verify that the repair was performed.

The Tennessee commercial driver's license (CDL) manual goes into great detail on what must be included in the driver log. The manual dedicates eight pages to just the driver log, including:

  • Engine compartment (over 20 procedural steps)
  • Cab check/engine start (over 46 steps)
  • External inspection (over 55 steps)

Preventing Tennessee Semitruck Accidents

In court, trucker logbooks often provide evidence of maintenance, repairs and the driver's schedule and evidence of oversights in any of these areas that could have contributed to the Tennessee semitruck accident.

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