"When I faced my situation, I was lost and very unsure how to proceed. David, Wayne and Cort gave me the knowledge and comfort I needed to get through a very tough struggle and come out on top. I feel very satisfied by the work that was done on my behalf and the outcome of the case. This team is top notch and I'm proud to be a customer."

John M.

"Sexton and Wykoff is an outstanding firm. I don't want to go overboard as there are many things to consider with them. For the most part, they are wonderful, caring, compassionate and HONEST. I have and still do work with David Sexton and his firm. I have in the past on various things which I am satisfied for the outcome. No matter what problem I have had, this firm is truly wonderful. They answer you in reasonable time. This firm works hard to ensure the best outcome for your situation."

Jackie S."

After I was involved in an automobile accident, I was referred to Sexton and Wykoff. I have been very satisfied in the handling of my case from beginning to end."

Judy A.

"I hired Sexton and Wykoff to help me find an alternative other than bankruptcy, including negotiations with creditors. They diligently worked through every scenario I could create, advising me PATIENTLY and without judgment."

Lisa D.

"While I did not enjoy my bankruptcy, I can say that Sexton and Wykoff took a horrible life experience and handled my needs. They helped me clear away the financial devastation and gave me back my life and independence."

Lisa D.

"David Sexton offered excellent advice regarding a difficult legal issue that encompassed many different areas of the law. Unlike many attorneys who focus in only one very small niche area of the law, one of David's many strengths is his tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge across numerous focus areas. Likewise, David's experiences span the legal field and are invaluable assets to his clients."

Stewart B.

"David is of upstanding character and treats all his clients with the utmost respect. He is patient, understanding and empathetic providing personal attention to each client situation. David Sexton can be trusted to handle any client's situation with the careful and meticulous care that he would offer a member of his own family. I can think of no attorney more qualified to handle my legal needs."

Stewart B.

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