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David Sexton

The tricky truth about being involved in a motorcycle accident in Tennessee

srpthumb-p21750-450x260-no.jpgBeing involved in a motorcycle accident can lead to severe injuries and death, which is why most states have some type of helmet law in effect.  Tennessee is no exception, and its helmet law is outlined in Section 55-9-302 of the Tennessee Code.  That statute states that all drivers and passengers shall be required to wear a crash helmet meeting specific federal standards.  Further, Tennessee Code Section 55-9-304 requires drivers and passengers of motorcycles without windshields to wear safety goggles, face shields, or glasses containing impact resistant lenses.

Breaking Down Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

srpthumb-p18809-450x260-no.jpgFiling for bankruptcy in Tennessee can be extremely complicated for those who are not familiar with the process.  Hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney can make the entire process easier to manage.  Even before you hire an attorney, or shortly thereafter, you will have to determine whether you should file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Independent Contractor vs Employee: one classification will prevent you from getting benefits

srpthumb-p12782-450x260-no.jpgIf you are injured on the job in Tennessee, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. However, only "employees" are entitled to benefits under the Workers Compensation Act. Some employers attempt to classify their employees as "independent contractors" to avoid having to pay workers compensation benefits to those injured on the job. Therefore, when there is an on-the-job injury, it is crucial to determine whether you are an employee or independent contractor.

Tennessee is Crafting New Laws and New Beers in 2017

srpthumb-p16572-450x260-no.jpgThe craft beer industry has been thriving around the country over the past several years, but 2017 seems to be the best year yet for Tennessee thanks to a big change in the law. Beginning in January of 2017, Tennessee brewers, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. are now allowed to serve higher alcohol content beers without a specialty license.

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